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This isn’t a story about a virus. Just about a year ago, April 2020, and Paris is a month into a citywide lockdown. Parisians cannot leave their homes without proper documentation.
Dazed, distraught, and desperate for social interaction, three neighbors meet in their courtyard for tea. Twice a week, 6 feet apart, Frances (59), Satu, (30), and Pauline (26) meet up face to face. This film is based on true events from their conversations. Charlotte Gainsbourg as FRANCES, a retired British art teacher who is followed by a suspicious attractive man. Pauline Chalamet plays an au-pair under new living conditions, who observes how the children are changing. Camélia Jordana as SATU, is confronted by a man who admits to spying on her. Written and directed by Lucca Dahan-Fletcher.